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Maintaining an electronic device is not an easy task. This is because electronic devices are fragile and therefore is easily breakable. Maintaining of electronic devices must be done well as repairing these devices are quite expensive and would require quite an expenditure. The most difficult electronic device to maintain is the modern day computer. This is because the computer is a complicated thing. The computer consists of a Central Processing Unit(CPU) and a memory that stores the data we enter. The purpose of being which is generally to help humans with their day to day needs, such as to process information. We feed data to the computer through various input devices. Few input devices that helps us with this task is the Overlay keyboard, Microphone, Touch screen, Image scanner, Computer keyboard and the Mouse. The data we inserted then is processed and with the artificial intelligence of the computer is sent to us through the help of the output devices. Few output devices that helps us with this process is the Computer monitor, Projector, Speaker, Video card and the Printer. 

How then should you operate your computer?

We should never try to use the computer we have in our possession unless we have a proper knowledge of it. This is because the computer has a memory which can be damaged with the tiniest mistake we create. This damage can cause adverse effects to the function of the working of the computer system. The repairs of these computers can be complicated and is also expensive. But yet, the best to do in a situation that your computer stops functioning is to take it to the nearest PC repairing center.

Computer repairs Ringwood should be done only by those who are good at it and has a wide knowledge of the outward and inward systems.

In the past, it would have made sense for one to say that its difficult to study and know about computers. As there were only very few desktop personal computers, and the literate population was limited. However, this is not the same scenario at present. At present IT has become a compulsory subject in the school syllabus of children’s education. There are also various classes for computing and various videos online on easy steps to learn about the computer. This is because, almost all human activity at present is connected to the computer. Few examples being the e-banking system, e-channelling in the field of medicine and also the CCTV cameras in the field of security. Therefore, it is very important for us to know how to use a computer the right way and with care.